The 93-year old president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has been urged by the first lady to name his successor. This to her will help to end divisions over who will take over as leader after Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe told AFP news “President, don’t be afraid. Tell us who is your choice, which horse we should back.” To her, Mugabe should not be “afraid” when he chooses a successor as his word would be “final”.

She said this at the presence of Mugabe who made no response. Rumors has it that she is the potential successor.

Mugabe is the oldest ruler in the world and has been nominated by his ZANU-PF party to stand for next year’s election. Concerns about his health has been rumored, though his aides have played that down. They say he went to Singapore for specialized eye treatment.

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Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since it gained independence in 1980. His main rival in next year’s poll is Morgan Tsvangirai. Opposition talks of a biased electoral commission that plans to rig the election in favor of Mugabe.

Mrs Mugabe, in February said her husbands popularity is so high that he can still win an election as a corpse.

Source: BBC | Photo Credit: Zimbabwe Today